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Stuttgart, Germany, September 2010—The environmental compatibility of commercial vehicle diesel engines is defined primarily by an optimal combustion process with low emissions. However, other media in the engine must also undergo intensive treatment—the fuel and engine oil, for example.

MAHLE provides innovative, environmentally friendly filtration systems to separate out unwanted materials. One such system is the world's first electrical cone stack separator, which employs a highly efficient method to separate oil out of the blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system. Acting as the drive is a brushless DC electric motor with an internal-rotor design, which generates speeds of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute depending on the operating map. The separator unit mainly consists of a rotor on which conical disks are arranged on top of each other and connected in parallel. When the blow-by gas flows through the disk gap, the oil mist deposits on the disks. The oil drops are moved radially outward by centrifugal acceleration due to their higher density and are directed toward the separation element. None of the moving parts require sealing elements, and the system is designed for a service life of over 1.2 million kilometers, or 24,000 hours of operation.

MAHLE developed the BlueDrain® system as a way to dispose of the water in diesel fuel automatically. A special concept of action based on activated carbon purifies the water to such a degree that it can then be safely discharged into the environment. The automatic water disposal feature is especially important because fuel filters are often located in hard-to-reach areas, and also because it rules out the possibility of incorrect operation. Since the electronic control unit registers the number of cleaning operations the BlueDrain® system carries out, an OBD function is also available.

In addition to highly efficient standalone systems, MAHLE also offers perfectly harmonized, multifunctional filtration solutions such as cylinder head covers with integrated auxiliary features. These primarily seal the oil-coated camshaft chamber off from the outside, but increasingly feature integrated oil mist separators with a pressure controller, blow-by heaters, electric actuators, oil filler nozzles, sensors, and line attachments. Robust plastic materials help reduce weight and are designed for use as walking and standing surfaces. And last but not least, the modular approach (fewer parts, interfaces, and weight) lowers costs.

The MAHLE Group is one of the 30 largest companies in the automotive supply industry worldwide. With its two business units Engine Systems and Components and Filtration and Engine Peripherals, MAHLE ranks among the top three systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems, cylinder components, as well as valve train, air management, and liquid management systems. The newly formed Industry business unit bundles the MAHLE Group's industrial activities. These include the areas of large engines, industrial filtration, as well as cooling and air-conditioning systems.

In 2009, the MAHLE Group generated sales of approximately EUR 3.9 billion; around 43,000 employees work at over 100 production plants and eight research and development centers.



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