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STUTTGART, September 2006—The service life engine oil separators for crankcase ventilation available on the market are not able to adsorb particles smaller than one thousandth of a millimeter. In the future, even the most stringent emissions and oil consumption requirements will be met with the first electric disk separator in the world, produced by MAHLE.

In combustion engines, blow-by gases travel past the piston into the crankcase, requiring the crankcase to be ventilated. When the gas is removed from the crankcase to return it to the combustion process, it contains pollutants, such as oil, oil cracking products and soot. In passenger cars, these pollutants are eliminated with oil mist separators; in commercial vehicles cyclone separators are used, for instance, because the blow-by currents are greater.

In an effort to meet future emissions requirements in the commercial vehicle field, MAHLE has developed an extremely efficient and robust separation system: the electrically driven disk separator. The unit is designed as a service life component and requires no additional service, even with the common service life of more than 1.2 million kilometers. It is distinguished by its capacity of extracting more than 98.5 percent of pollutants. The disk separator drastically lowers oil consumption and requires no additional parts needing replacement, such as filters. It is available as a module that is ready for installation, and the installation position can be freely selected. In its design, MAHLE engineers paid particular attention to the use of non-wear components. It is driven by a brushless direct current motor.

The MAHLE Group ranges internationally among the top 3 system suppliers for piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems and liquid management systems. With its unique systems competency in the field of the combustion engine and engine peripherals, MAHLE is a globally leading development partner for the automotive and engine industry. All established manufacturers of combustion engines are customers of MAHLE.

With above-average enthusiasm for performance, precision, perfection and unique innovation, MAHLE enhances the development of vehicle and engine technique and keeps setting benchmarks—for more than 80 years.

The company is locally present in all important markets of the world. Approximately 37,500 employees are engaged in 80 production locations and in seven research and development centers. More than 2,000 development engineers and technicians worldwide are working on trend-setting concepts, products and systems for the development of the combustion engine.

In 2006, the MAHLE Group expects a turnover of approximately 4.3 billion EUR and is therefore one of the 30 largest suppliers of the automotive industry worldwide.


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