The new MAHLE oil filter module for commercial vehicles

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Hanover, September 2012 – The new MAHLE oil filter module for commercial vehicles is highly versatile in terms of integration on both the oil side and the coolant side. This high level of integration reduces the number of interfaces and sealing points. High-performance plastics are used to help reduce weight and costs.

The development and production of complex oil filter modules has long been one of MAHLE’s core competences. Besides filtration and cooling of lubricating oil, additional functions can be integrated into the overall system of “engine lubrication and cooling.”

High level of integration
In the new MAHLE oil filter module, the coolant pump, coolant thermostat, and sensors for temperature control are all integrated. A valve provides for venting of the cooling circuit. The coolant drain screw is placed at the lowest point of the module in order to be able to drain the block quickly for service. The integration of the oil thermostat and various valves on the oil side helps to reduce friction losses. The restricted installation space for the heavy-duty platform requires a high level of functionality. The module also serves as a support for the bracket of the charge air pipe. In order to ensure a lifetime seal between the engine and the oil filter housing, despite thermally induced shifting, a molded elastomer gasket that is inlaid in the gasket groove on the housing was selected for this interface. The gasket groove is cast as is, and the engine flange on the housing is machined. This provides a sealed joint that is optimized for function and cost. It also meets the demanding requirements for an ideally level flange on the bolted engine connection.

The requirements for as long a service interval as possible are met by the filter element, based on modern filter media and production processes. The separation level meets the requirements of a modern engine. The high quality of the filter media has allowed the filter surface to be reduced, which makes the element more compact. This improved the total pressure loss of the module at low temperatures by ten percent. The filter is easy to access, and a reliably functioning drainage system is integrated, which improves the ease of maintenance. The element is patented and therefore provides additional protection when used solely within the customer-specific requirements.

Weight and cost savings
High-performance plastics have been in use in the passenger car market for years. The application of high-performance plastics to the long service life of commercial vehicles is a challenge that MAHLE is happy to address. By changing the position of internal interfaces, the plastic content has been increased considerably. This reduced component weight relative to comparable oil filter modules by a significant amount. An innovative die-cast design helps to reduce internal interfaces and presents an extremely compact module overall.

The MAHLE Group is one of the 30 largest companies in the automotive supply industry worldwide. With its two business units Engine Systems and Components and Filtration and Engine Peripherals, MAHLE ranks among the top three systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems, cylinder components, as well as valve train, air management, and liquid management systems. MAHLE’s industrial activities are combined in the Industry business unit. These include the areas of large engines, industrial filtration, as well as cooling and air conditioning systems. The Aftermarket business unit serves the independent spare parts market with MAHLE products in OE quality. In 2011, the MAHLE Group generated sales of approximately EUR 6 billion; around 49,000 employees work at over 100 production plants and eight research and development centers.

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