High-performance engines for street vehicles

MAHLE Motorsports also handles the development of very high-performance engines for street vehicles. The development trends in recent years are entirely based on large-scale production. Naturally aspirated engines are being successively replaced with smaller turbocharged engines with higher specific output. The boundary conditions, however, are even more challenging. While large-scale gasoline engines seldom exceed specific output levels of 100 kW/L, power densities of over 130 kW/L must be mastered here. This leads to both thermal and mechanical loads that require specialized solutions. Forged pistons are typically used in these engines.

In addition to increasing material loads, the blow-by behavior and oil consumption become increasingly challenging when turbocharging is introduced in these high-performance engines. These phenomena are amplified when combining turbocharging and high-speed concepts, because the pressure ratios in the engine can be subject to great fluctuations. The focus of development is thus on piston ring technology and, for piston design, on preliminary calculation of lateral piston motion.