MAHLE Behr data communication—WebDDX

WebDDX—secure data exchange via the Internet

We prefer the standard method OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol). For companies that cannot use this method, we provide a data exchange solution via the Internet.

In recent years, CAD data exchange has become an important aspect of product development. Thanks to the use of OFTP, especially in Germany, the associated requirements for security are being met. In order to integrate those partners who do not have an OFTP server into the automated data exchange system, MAHLE Behr provides a method for exchanging development data securely via the Internet. The data are made available on a web server by partner companies or MAHLE Behr. The connection is established using the HTTPS protocol, which meets our current security needs. This eliminates both CAD data exchange via e-mail and the use of CDs or other data media. The MAHLE Behr data exchange administration creates an account on the web server for new partner companies. The service is free of charge.

Open WebDDX


Contacts for technical data exchange at MAHLE Behr:

Hans Kappus

+49 711 501-47816

Holger Thorein

+49 711 501-40721