Compliance—basis for our business activities

As a global player, MAHLE is fully aware of its social responsibility. To ensure compliance with ethical principles and the legal requirements within the MAHLE Group, we have developed a global compliance structure.

The compliance structure includes, among others:

  • a global compliance organization with regional contacts and central reporting channels
  • the MAHLE Business Code as a code of conduct to ensure that employees’ behavior complies with laws and regulations
  • measures for prevention
  • a training concept to raise the awareness of employees in compliance-relevant risk areas
  • measures to ensure the sustainability of the compliance structure.

MAHLE Business Code

The MAHLE Business Code is available for download here.

English [PDF; 161 KB]
Chinese [PDF; 460 KB]
Czech [PDF; 192 KB]
French [PDF; 180 KB]
German [PDF; 164 KB]
Italian [PDF; 175 KB]
Japanese [PDF; 299 KB]
Korean [PDF; 301 KB]
Polish [PDF; 180 KB]
Portuguese [PDF; 179 KB]
Slovenian [PDF; 171 KB]
Spanish [PDF; 178 KB]

MAHLE Supplier Code of Conduct

The MAHLE Supplier Code of Conduct is available for download here.

English [PDF; 19 KB]
German [PDF; 19 KB]