Innovative bicycles are created with e-bike drive systems from MAHLE

As a full system provider for smart e-bikes whether Urban, Road, Gravel, or Mountain Bike - MAHLE offers a platform for compact drive units with an optimized battery-concept, components for connectivity and customized motor control.

The lightweight and compact design of our components gives bicycle manufacturers design freedom. Harmonized to one another, our products can be easily integrated so that bicycles retain both their identity and slim design. With components from MAHLE, cycling gets rediscovered.

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X20, the new milestone in the SmartBike industry

Weighing just 3.2 kilograms, the MAHLE X20 is the lightest drive system on the market

The cutting edge technology which conforms X20 system is designed to create a high performance riding experience with the best features electric and smart bikes can give you. The latest innovations allows us to create the lightest system in the market with only 3.2 kg weight, while delivering the right support at any cadence, whether racing at top speeds or climbing up a mountain. This e-bike system is designed to push the rider and the whole industry forward.


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