Innovative bicycles are created with e-bike drive systems from MAHLE

Weighing just 3.2 kilograms, the MAHLE X20 is the lightest drive system on the market

MAHLE X20, the new benchmark in the SmartBike industry

Ultracompact, light and smart system that creates a full range of new riding possibilities while making eBikes look & feel indistinguishable from high performance bikes. The latest innovations create the best support at any cadence, whether racing at top speeds or climbing up a mountain. X20 is designed to drive the rider and the whole industry forward.

MAHLE X35 , the most balanced solution

MAHLE X35 is the system that started it all. Invisible integration into the frame, extremely light and ideal power performance, creates a perfectly balanced daily use solution.

MAHLE´s permanently connected ecosystem

Thanks to My SmartBike App riders can connect their bikes to adapt and adjust the behavior and performance of the system getting instant feedback on their performance, customize engine maps, log their activities, get wherever they want to go with guided mapping and much more. The website version will provide the users an in-depth experience by checking detailed infomatin about their rides, routes and health related data.


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