MAHLE New Ventures GmbH

MAHLE New Ventures GmbH was founded in 2022. It bundles all start-up activities and start-up teams at MAHLE under one roof and thus takes account of the growing number of internal corporate start-ups and venture capital (VC) investments in external start-ups. In the meantime, we support a considerable portfolio of start-up initiatives and have now created the necessary structural framework conditions so that our corporate start-ups can operate in new business fields more agile and independent of usual decision-making processes. All this with the clear goal of establishing new strategic business areas for MAHLE.

We focus on our founders and start-up teams. They analyze the existing market situation, identify customer problems and develop new business ideas which at best become new business models. In their daily work, the teams benefit from lean and widely simple processes as well as very short decision-making paths. This allows direct customer feedback to flow quickly into their business models. In addition, our founders benefit from the joint network and from MAHLE’s supporting market, VC and business experts.

Our goals

  • Expansion of corporate start-up activities
  • Strategic support for VC investments
  • Establishment of a start-up eco-system to scale up new business areas.

Our internal start-ups from the MAHLE Incubator Program

The MAHLE Incubator Program is an intrapreneurship program that offers internal founders the opportunity to develop new business models for MAHLE.

We are looking for intrapreneurs and are founding our own start-ups in order to further develop our employees and build new business areas for MAHLE.

With agile and creative working methods, coaching, pitch training & mentoring, we strengthen the innovation culture of the company.

Since 2015, new incubator programs have been launched almost annually - corporate start-ups emerged from them. In addition, individual business ideas are also transferred directly into BU’s and pursued further.

Our external VC investments from the MAHLE Piloting Program

Since 2013, MAHLE has been scanning around 3,000 promising external start-ups and young companies each year within the Piloting Program with the aim of working together. We primarily select the teams according to how well they fit into MAHLE, and there should be a win-win situation for both sides. This means that both sides should benefit from cooperation. MAHLE wants to contribute not only financially, but above all strategically with know-how and corporate experience as an investor.

We are supported in the search for new start-ups by three VC funds: