To simplify and standardize communication processes between suppliers and MAHLE, we are rolling out the MAHLE supplier portal – a browser-based online solution, provided by JAGGAER , that offers global, 24/7 accessibility, and is free of charge for our suppliers.

The following functions are available depending on the level of implementation:

  • Maintenance of supplier master data (e.g. contact persons)
  • An automated request for quotation (RFQ) process that gives the supplier all information  needed to quote properly
  • Support of the advanced product quality planning (APQP) process or product part approval process (PPAP) during new product launches
  • Access to supplier quality and logistics scorecards at any time

In order to prevent cross-media communication and accelerate quotation processes, it is mandatory for our suppliers to quote via the MAHLE supplier portal where available. The MAHLE supplier portal consequently gives MAHLE the opportunity to create transparency worldwide and also creates new opportunities for our suppliers as a result.

Access granted to authorized suppliers only

Please contact your responsible buyer to get access to the portal.

Supplier Portal (JAGGAER)

Other Tools Thermal Management Systems & Industrial Thermal Systems

8D Problem Solving Process for all Suppliers

When requested by MAHLE, we expect our suppliers to respond on complaints with the 8D problem solving method.

The way how to submit the 8D to MAHLE depends on the IT system setup of your MAHLE partner plant.
MORE 8D Application (SAP QIR) [PDF; 2789 KB]
Supplier Portal (JAGGAER)
> E-mail to plant Supplier Quality

Our general guidelines and requirements for the 8D process are
E-Learning 8D-Process [PPTX; 31 MB]
Manual 8D-Process [PDF; 720 KB]
Manual 8D Assessment [PDF; 360 KB]