Dear MAHLE suppliers for Production Materials (PM),

In the next few years, MAHLE will implement SAP S/4HANA worldwide. Part of this project is the conversion to the SAP Ariba network.

SAP Ariba is the world‘s largest B2B trading network. Not only our, but also your company will benefit sustainably from a significantly simplified, automated and digitized supply chain.

In the following, find out more information on what SAP Ariba is, when MAHLE’s change to Ariba will take place, how you as our supplier will become part of the SAP Ariba

Network, which advantages it creates for you and how the ordering process will look like in the future.

Thank you for taking a big step into the future with us and thus strengthening our partnership.

Kind regards

MAHLE Supplier management team

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Where to find

Please use our contact form for a lean onboarding process and quick establishment of our trading relationship via the Ariba Network. You can also directly navigate to our Download Center, where you find for example the MAHLE catalog-template and further useful guides.

Please use our contact form for the Ariba-onboarding

Please use our contact form for a lean onboarding process and quick establishment of our trading relationship via the Ariba Network. You can also directly navigate to our Download Center, where you find for example the MAHLE catalog-template and further useful guides.

  • Your advantages
  • What processes will be impacted?
  • When will MAHLE switch to SAP Ariba?

What is SAP Ariba and what are the advantages of trading via the platform?

SAP Ariba is the world‘s largest B2B trading network. The digital marketplace enables companies to manage their business relationships and conduct their transactions with maximum efficiency. According to SAP, approximately 4.4 million companies from 190 countries were Ariba network partners in 2019. They have traded approximately 195 million catalog items, completed 180 million transactions, and achieved a trade volume of $2.9 billion (USD).

Processing transactions via the SAP Ariba network is of great benefit not only to MAHLE, but also to our suppliers. Your advantages at a glance:

What processes will be impacted?

What will remain the same? What will change?
  • Receiving of Purchase Orders and Releases (Scheduling Agreements) electronically
  • Creating ASNs
  • Automatic packaging process
  • Printing labels and Delivery notes
  • New environment for Web-EDI processes
  • Confirmation of Purchase Orders
  • Receiving of all document types of Purchase Orders to Ariba Network (Standard, Sample and Pre-Series PO´s)
  • Maintaining invoices directly and paperless

When will MAHLE switch to SAP Ariba?

The implementation of SAP Ariba at MAHLE will take place in the period from 2021 to 2025, ordered by regions and countries.

  • Project Notifation Letter
  • Supplier Summit
  • Accepting TRR
  • Creating Account & User roles
  • Training
  • Go Live

  1. MAHLE will send you a project notification letter with the basic project information and an invitation for the supplier online summit. If the chosen contact was not correct, please inform MAHLE to correct the contact data. If you already have an account on the Ariba Network, please use your existing access data to accept MAHLE’s Trading Relationship Request (TRR).
  2. Please register for the supplier summit in case that you do not have an account on the Ariba Network yet.
  3. During the online summit, MAHLE will present more details about the scope and the project. You will have the chance to participate in a live Q&A session with MAHLE and SAP Ariba. Afterwards, you will be asked to register on the Ariba Network if you have not done it yet.
  4. MAHLE will send you a Trading Relationship Request (TRR) via the Ariba Network.
  5. Accept the Trading Relationship Request (TRR) that was sent by MAHLE.
  6. The Onboarding Agents of SAP Ariba will start calling you and support you during the enablement process on the Ariba Network.
  7. Please configure your account on the Ariba Network according to the project scope of MAHLE. SAP Ariba will support you in doing so.
  8. Once everything is correctly configured, you are enabled for the paperless document exchange with MAHLE (and other customers) on the Ariba Network and therewith part of global digital supply chains.

  • Training documents
  • General training documentations from SAP Ariba
  • Training videos

Training documents

General training documentations from SAP Ariba

Training videos


Search and Identify PO & SA


Create ASN for individual items


Create ASN for multiple items


Standard settings for Workbench & Items to Ship


Create reports for Orders and ASNs

Questions and answers about SAP Ariba at MAHLE

Here you can find further information and details on the process of the system change to ensure a smooth transition for you.

What is SAP Ariba Enterprise Account?

The Enterprise Account on the Ariba Network allows suppliers to use the Supply Chain Collaboration functionality directly and easily.

You can process your orders and releases, send the order confirmations and the Advanced Shipping Notifications. Additionally you can use the automatic packaging process to generate the labels and delivery notes and manage your invoices directly and paperless.

In case you have signed a consignment contract, you can receive the consignment withdrawals and track the actual stock level.

Is SAP Ariba Enterprise Account free of charge for the direct material suppliers?

Direct material suppliers are not eligible for any fees related to Supply Chain Collaboration transactions with MAHLE on enterprise account.

Do I need an additional SAP Ariba Account, if I am already a member of SAP-Ariba Network?

If you are already a member of the SAP-Ariba Network, you can use your existing account to transact with MAHLE.

Please get in touch with your MAHLE Purchasing contact or fill out the Ariba Contact Form about Ariba.

Getting in touch with MAHLE in advance will accelerate the onboarding process significantly and lead to a quick establishment of the trading relationship via Ariba Network.

Can different user profiles be created in the Ariba Network?

Enterprise Account suppliers can create different authorizations in the Ariba network and activate several employees.

Creating profiles is useful as you can assign roles to individual employees. This ensures, for example, that different user groups are given appropriate authorizations, thus preventing unauthorized access to and modification of sensitive buyer data.

We are a group of companies with a large number of legally independent units. Do I have to register all those independent business units separately?

Enterprise Account suppliers only need to register once on the Ariba network. You can then create different sub-companies.

Who will initially create my company's data on the Ariba network?

When registering, each business partner deposits their data on the Ariba Network.

On the subject of data security: Where and how long is my data stored when using SAP Ariba and who has access to it?

The Ariba Cloud-system, which MAHLE accesses, runs for the most part on servers in Europe.

The minimum duration of data storage depends on the length of time required by German law and can be read here: Data Privacy at MAHLE.

Can I contact my Purchasing contact person directly if I have further technical questions about SAP Ariba?

Enterprise account suppliers receive telephone support directly from SAP Ariba. For details, see your Trading Relationship Request (TRR).


You could not find your questions about the SAP Ariba Network? Please feel free to contact the following e-mail address:

Here you will find all download material which will support you with additional information of the SAP Ariba Network.

Ariba Network
Supplier Guide


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